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I would like to thank some people who helped, and contributed in the development of GTML.

First of all I'd like to thank Gihan Perera, who is the initial author of GTML, and who did a really great job, and who authorized me to take over GTML since it seems he does not have time to enhance it, and a more important thing, authorized me to distribute it under the GPL terms. He is the guy to thanks, the real author of GTML.

Then I would like to thank people who helped me correct, or enhance GTML:

  • Magog, helped me fixed a bug on directory creation, sent me Swedish support, and helped me grow my TODO list ;-) ;
  • Philippe Marquet (aka PhM), gave me a very impressive list of features to add, with some advices on how to do it. Almost all of what he asked has been added, so far, as least makefile support, and sitemap generation. He also sent me some of bug reports.
  • Jens Bloch Helmers, sent me Norwegian support, a bug report on filename aliases, and an idea for my TODO list ;
  • Simone Piunno (aka Pioppo), sent me Italian support ;
  • Gert-Jan Brink, sent me Dutch support ;
  • Uwe Arzt, sent me German support, as well as the base of sitemap generation code ;
  • Harald Drangmeister, sent me bug reports, and asked me about the TITLE_CURRENT macro ;
  • Michael M Slusarz, sent me a patch to add embedded Perl code, which gave me the idea of the embedded system command ;
  • Wim Niemans Ri, sent me a lot of features that he added to his own GTML, from #define+ to extensions selections ideas, via warning and error reports ;
  • Ken Guest, asked me for the $ddth feature in timestamps, sent me irish support, asked me about a better report verbosity control, and corrected english in the web pages (which was a great idea, hope I did not introduce too new mistakes since :) ;
  • Andrew Greig, sent me the weekday patch, and corrected the $ddth english computation ;
  • Bob Ham, sent me bug report about warning report format ;
  • Frank Boehme, sent me bug report about compression.

I hope I forgot nobody.

Do not hesitate to correct me if needed, and to send bug reports, or documentation mistakes (from typo errors, to bad English construction) reports.

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