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1.0  8-Jun-1996
  • First release.
1.01  14-Jun-1996
  • Added #newdefine.
  • Allow undefined constants.
1.02  14-Jul-1996
  • Support path names in project file.
1.03  1-Sep-1996
  • No quotation marks in #include file name is OK.
  • Allow ../ to higher levels than starting directory.
2.0  24-Nov-1996
  • Added lots of new features.
2.01  30-Nov-1996
  • Commands can be inside comments.
  • User-specified substitute delimiters.
2.02  10-Feb-1997
  • Fixed #ifdef nesting. (Alan B. Chamberlin)
2.1  23-Jul-1997
  • Allow subs in #include.
  • Don't downshift file names. (Suggestions from Mike Sendall).
2.2  15-Aug-1997
  • "allsource" command in project file.
2.21  2-Feb-1998
  • Simplified auto-generated navigation links.
2.22  25-Jul-1998
  • Handles years past 2000.
2.3  19-Feb-1999
  • Enhanced #define (Wim Niemans Ri).
3.0  22-Jun-1999
  • Added mtimestamp.
  • Added usage of "LANGUAGE".
  • Added usage of "EXTENSION".
  • Added filename alias definitions.
  • Fixed a bug with links and subdir.
  • Fixed a bug with entities.
3.1  1-Jul-1999
  • Added definitions of all environment variables.
  • Added substitution at definition time for OUTPUT_DIR, INCLUDE_PATH and EXTENSION.
3.2  4-Jul-1999
  • Added usage of "FAST_GENERATION" to process only files which sources are newer than output.
3.3  7-Jul-1999
  • Fixed a bug with directory creation, thanks to Magog.
  • Added undefined constants in project file, a PhM request.
  • Added the -F command line argument, to process only single file, enabling the use of make (On a suggestion from PhM).
  • Added the GNU -h, --help and --version command line arguments.
3.31  7-Jul-1999
  • Added Norwegian language support.
3.32  8-Jul-1999
  • Fixed a bug with filename aliases.
  • Added Italian and Swedish support.
3.33  9-Jul-1999
  • Fixed a serious bug with filename aliases (thank's to Jens).
3.34  10-Jul-1999
  • Added Dutch support.
3.3.5  13-Jul-1999
  • Fixed another bug with filename aliases.
3.3.6  14-Jul-1999
  • Added German support.
3.5.0  2-Sep-1999
  • Fixed a lot of bugs, while rewritting the code.
  • Added makefile generation.
  • Enhanced timestamp support.
  • Added customizable sitemap generation.
  • Modified ouput file extension setting.
  • Added characters translation.
  • Added embedded Perl code possibility.
  • Added embedded shell command output possibility.
  • Documented output compression.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Added some new predefined constants.
  • Added macro with arguments.
  • Enhanced conditionals.
  • Enhanced inclusion in project files.
  • Enhanced timestamps support.
3.5.1  2-Sep-1999
  • Fixed a bug with PATHNAME creation, and thus included file searching.
3.5.2  8-Sep-1999
  • Fixed a bug with conditional output (if/elsif).
  • Added irish support.
  • Remove include file name report.
  • All documentations has been corrected thanks to Ken Guest.
3.5.3  13-Sep-1999
  • Fixed a bug with compression.
  • Better $ddth (english) computation.
  • Exit status changed (0 for warnings and OK, 1 for errors).
3.5.4  29-Oct-2004
  • Fixed several 'if'-related bugs:
    • In nested #if's, when the outer condition was false the first #endif would end the whole set of #if's.
    • #if true ... #elsif false ... #else would execute the #else clause.
    • There was no error checking for missing #if's, multiple #else's, or missing #endif's.
  • Macros in INCLUDE_PATH are now resolved.

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